Illustration of Lanny Jaya students - Jubi/Yance Wenda

Papua government will build five dormitory schools


Illustration of Lanny Jaya students – Jubi/Yance Wenda

Sentani, Jubi – Papua Provincial Government will build five dormitory schools in five customary areas in order to increase human resources in Papua.

This was conveyed by a member of Commission V of the House of Representatives (DPR) Papua, Nathan Pahabol, in a seminar held by Lanny Jaya students, at Expo Waena Hall of Jayapura city on Saturday (October 7).

“To improve the human resources of Papua we must dare to make a major breakthrough. We have allocated the money in 2017. The Papua Provincial Government will build five schools in five customary areas,” Nathan said.

The school is said to be built in Tabi custom territory, Lapago, Saireri, Anim Ha, and Bomberai, all dormitories. The five schools to be built are high school level (SMA).


“The budget and the location are ready,” he said.

To the participants of the seminar Nathan said that during a visit to Germany recently, he met with about 200 students from Papua and West Papua who are studying there.

“English language skills are necessary. Of the approximately 200 students, sent by Papua and West Papua Provinces, about 50 people were forced to return to Papua because they failed in English. They were not equipped with sufficient English skills earlier,” he explained.

Pahabol also said the purpose of building a dormitory school is to empower people in science, improve the quality of education, and build the character of children.

“The dormitory education program refers to the 1945 Constitution article 31. It has guaranteed 20 percent of the budget. In the Special Autonomy Law it is also clear that 30 percent for the local area. One of the main concerns is the development of foreign language skills so that the case in Germany will not happen again,” he said.(

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