Papua Government Seeks Cuts in Transport Fares and Prices of Goods


Jayapura, Jubi – The Provincial Government of Papua is seeking to have prices of essential goods and public transport fares reduced after fuel prices went down.

Assistant for Economic Affairs and Social Welfare, Elia Loupatty, in Jayapura, on Thursday (7/1/2015) said government planned to hold a meeting together with the relevant agencies.

“The government will soon conduct a meeting with the traders and Organda which is in charge of public transportation, “he said.

He explained it has also become a national problem because it is hard to reduce Rp.50 from Rp.500.

Thus, we should be more careful with the new policy, as it will harm some people.


Previously, based on ESDM Decree no.2K / 12 / MEM / 2016 dated January 4, 2016 about the type of retail price particular fuel and fuel type of special assignment.

Starting on January 5 2016, The price of premium gasoline was to be lowered to Rp 6,950 and diesel fuel was to be cut to Rp 5,650.

The adjustments were also made to the price of pertalite, pertamax, Pertamina, bio-diesel and APMS in Papua, West Papua, Maluku, North Maluku (*)

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