Students when clearing the rocks (Jubi)


Students when clearing the rocks (Jubi)

Students when clearing the rocks (Jubi)

Jayapura, 18/2 (Jubi) – Papuan students in Makassar, South Sulawesi are still experiencing attacks in their dormitory but local police seems reluctant to find the perpetrators, a student representative said

“Since the incident in early January, we have repeatedly contacted government officials in Papua province, but till now there is no response. The situation around the girl’s dormitory is not convenient, because every night we are contuniously terrorized,” trustee of the Papua Student Dormitory in Makassar, Frans Wambraw, told by  phone on Tuesday (18/2) morning.

Seven weeks after the attack the girls have not been able to return to the dormitory Cendrawasih XIV, which has been ransacked by unknown people.

One of Papuan student in Makassar, Rickson Edowai said that a Papua female student Venny told him about the continuing attack Monday (17/2).
“I went there and was surprised most facilities has gone without trace. Who did it, we do not know,” he said.


At first, the students were evacuated to boys dormitory, located at Jalan Lanto Daeng Pasewang, on Saturday ( 1/14)move. They then had to move out because on New Year’s Eve, there was an attack from local people, injuring some students.

The current condition of the dormitories all facilities were damaged. Cabinets, tables, wooden chairs, stereos, sofa chairs, computers, and a television in the living room were reported missing.

The main door and the door-room door were also broken by perpetrators.

The student representatives will report the results of their meeting to the Makassar police and hoped that they would find the culprits. Police have not arrested anyone responsible for a previous attack on the girls dormitory. Cases of assaults and throwing of fuel bombs have been reported to  the police station and Police Panakukang in Makassar City but so far there are still no leads.

There have been accusations that security forces are condoning attacks by unscrupulous local youths on the girls dormitory in Makassar.

Frans said  the men’s dormitory has been the pelted with rocks every night. There has been no official statement from the police to local. The attacks have traumatized Papuan students in Makassar and affected their studies.

“After the girls’ dormitory was attacked and had been emptied, now they come to attack us every night in the dorm,” said Frans Wambraw.

These issues will be reported directly to the government of Papua Province.
“Communicating via phone is difficult to get attention. So,in the near future a team of administrators and organizations  in Makasar will fly to Jayapura to report this case to the government of Papua,” said Frans.

“We have collected money for ticket expenses to Jayapura.” he explained. (Jubi / Mark Y/ Tina)

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