Road in Yahukimo District, West Papua - Jubi

Papua Forum Discusses Transportation Issues

Road in Yahukimo District, West Papua - Jubi

The road in Yahukimo District, West Papua – Jubi

Wamena, Jubi – Officials from transportation offices throughout Papua Province held a technical coordination meeting to try to find solutions to problems facing the sector.

Papua Governor Lukas Enembe in a speech read by Jayawijaya Regional Secretary Yohanes Walilo in Wamena, Friday (10/6/2016) said this meeting should be used as a way to to share and result in a strategic decision to resolve the transportation issues in Papua.

It is also to find solutions regarding to the difficulty access of transportation to some areas in Papua that cause the increase of price. Development of transportation infrastructure in remote areas is including the development and improvement of services as well as pioneering services delivery to coastal areas, water transportation and pioneering flight to remote areas.

“This forum should create solutions to eliminate isolated areas in Papua,” he said.


The opening of isolated areas is expected to support the growth and services of another sectors as well as to support the regional development.

Jayawijaya Reginal Secretary Yohanes Walilo to reporter said this forum was expected to provide supports to some areas that are still strungling with the transportation access.

“For example, in Wamena we still depend on air transportation and there are some regencies that could not be accessed by land transportation. Therefore through this forum, it is expected that we can make the same perception on transportation development in the future,” said Walilo.

He admitted the level of expensiveness in the Papua highland area has yet to be resolved. Therefore the road construction is expected to reduce the price of goods. “We hope this forum could raise a collective agreement about ticketing price that quite expensive for the people, especially before the feast,” he said. (Islami Adisubrata/rom)

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