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Papua Exports Go Rose to 273.72 Million Dollars

Port of Jayapura - pelindo4jyp.co.id

Port of Jayapura – pelindo4jyp.co.id

Jayapura, Jubi/Antara – The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of Papua province revealed exports from Papua increased by 20.70 percent in June.

“In June 2015, Papua exports increased from 226.78 million US dollars into 273.72 million US dollars,” BPS head Didiek Koesbianto said in Jayapura on Monday (20.07.2015).

He said copper ores and concentrates exports (HS26) become a major component that boosted the value of exports of Papua in the period.
“The increase is primarily driven by an increase in the value of exports amounted to 65.09 million dollars HS26 US,” he said.

He added, the contribution of export value HS26 almost become the only component that accounts for the value of exports in June 2015.
“As much as 99.99 percent of the total export value in June 2015 is derived from the value of exports HS26, which amounted to 273.70 million US dollars. This value is 31.20 percent higher than in May 2015, “said Didiek.


So, the cumulative value from January to June 2015 is far greater than the cumulative value of exports during the same period in 2014.
“The cumulative export value from January to June 2015 is 960.85 million US dollars or 393.17 percent compared to the same cumulative total exports in 2014 only reached 194.83 million US dollars,” said Didiek. (*)

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