Export activity at Port of Jayapura - Jubi

Papua Export-Import Revenue Drops in July

Export activity at Port of Jayapura - Jubi

Export activity at Port of Jayapura – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi- Export-import revenue for Papua Province fell to US$101.15 million, 45.46 percent, from compared to the previous month of US $85.47 million, the Papua Statistics Bureau said.

Import revenues in July dropped to US$47.80 million, or 43.96 percent, compared to June’s US$85.28 million.
“Export and import activities dropped in July due to the Muslim holiday, so the loading activities for exports and imports in the entire Indonesian regions were not conducted for fully 30 days,” the Head of Papua Statistic Central Bureau JB Priyono said in the official statement received by Jubi on Monday (21/8/2016).
He revealed the reduction of export revenue in Papua mostly occurred for non-mining and gas categories that reach US$0.11 million (81,37 percent), followed by the wood and furnitures up to US$6.42 million (59,88 percent), and export on Copper and Concentrate (HS26) up to US$77.79 million (44,55 percent).
Related to the export from Papua to six major countries in July 2016, the reduction reached US$96.83 million or decrease to 45,06 percent compared with the same export values in June 2016.  Export to Philippines reached the larger number namely US$37.37 million, followed with India U$25.92 million and South Korea that reached US$16.93 million.
“Cumulatively, the Papua export to six major countries in January-July 2016 compared with the same period in last year has decreased to 30.74 percent, it is similar with the export activities to other countries that decrease to 62.82 percent,” he said.

Concerning the import, cumulatively it reached US$395.69 million in January-July 2016 or decrease to 2.73 percent from the same period in 2015 that reached US$406.82 million. Last April, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe with the Director General of Pelindo IV Doso Agung launched the direct call of primary export to Tiongkok. Through direct call, Papua entrepreneurs could save 10 days of shipping time and save the cost up to USD 300-600 per container. (*/rom)

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