Papua Education and Cultural Office Observed 56 False Certificates


Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Education and Cultural Office has confiscated at least 56 fake certificates from applicants for civil servant or legislature jobs.

“In recent years, many false certificates were issued in Papua. I got 56 false certificates in me,” the Head of Papua Education and Cultural Office, Elias Wonda told reporters in Jayapura on Sunday (26/4/2015). He said his office had special equipment to check the certificate’s authenticity identifying the false through the identification number.

“Both false and authentic are looked the same, but the particular code and number could tell the different,” he said. He thought this behavior has influenced to the education progress in Papua. “So, that’s why the education in Papua is stuck, it’s because Papuans do not want to become smarter,” he said.

He predicted the false certificate could be purchased at three of five million and it was applied at almost entire Papua regions. “This is definitely wrong and it made Papua would left behind in education. What is the reason behind the act of purchasing certificate or value or so on,” said Wonda.

He admitted the owners have took those false certificates and said must take it because it was costly and they should work hard to get it. “They took those certificates away, thought actually we should detain it. We let them taking it to avoid conflict. We could see the different between the pass and recent time where currently many people purchased the certificates although it changes Papuans to be a moron,” he said.


Earlier, the Papua Election Commissioner Izak Hikoyabi told the Papua Election Commission would work with the Education and Cultural Office to ensure the candidates for not providing the false certificates in the Regional Head Election that would be done simultaneously in Papua this year. “We will build communication and coordination with related office. We must do that to ensure the registered candidates are not providing the false certificates,” said Hikoyabi. (Alexander Loen/rom)

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