Papua Earmarks Rp400 Billion for PON Venues

Papua Legislative Council (DPRP) office - Jubi

Papua Legislative Council (DPRP) office – Jubi

Jakarta, Jubi – Papua provincial government and Papua Legislative Council (DPRP) agreed to allocate Rp 400 billion through the Regional Budget (APBD) in 2016 to support the construction of venues for National Games (PON) XX to be hosted by Papua.

“We just banged the gavel and yes, there is a budget of approximately 400 billion for the early stages of 2016 for venue construction. Just so that implementation goes smoothly, we, as the Unit Workings will communicate its construction to the central government in the hope of getting help of state budget,” said Deputy Chairman of Unit Working of PON 2020, Yanni said in Jakarta on Tuesday (12/01/2016).

She expressed her high appreciation for the trust given by central KONI. Only, the presence of Unit Workings limited to facilitate communication between central KONI and Papua KONI, so that the implementation of the PON in 2020 could run as expected.

“The point of our presence is as a bridge to realize and succeed PON 2020 in Papua,” she said.


On that occasion, Yanni invites all parties to work hard to ensure that preparations for the construction of venues PON can be done on time. He also requested the support of the entire community to participate actively in order to further facilitate and accelerate the process of development.

“I think we have to work harder as time goes on and more and more limited. Therefore, after the inauguration, we will be monitoring the preparation of PON in Papua. We will also communicate and coordinate, both to KONI Papua and central KONI so that preparations can be done on time,” she stated.

“For it is a national event that generates so much interest for the people of Papua and this is not easy. But it has become our determination to succeed PON 2020. Therefore, we expect the entire support of the people of Papua so that PON 2020 can be truly realized, “she continued.

Earlier, the governor of Papua Lukas Enembe said budget discussions construction of sports facilities (Venue) PON should be discussed with all parties and should not be alone.

“I have ordered the Sports Committee, the Department of Transportation, and the Department of Public Works (PU) to sit together with other stakeholders to discuss the development budget Venue,” said Enembe. (Alexander Loen/Tina)

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