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Jayapura, 8/5 (Jubi)- The chairman of Papua Customary Council (DAP/Dewan Adat Papua) in the provincial parliament, Wilem Bonay, said Governor Lukas Enembe should be supported as the Governor General of Papua and West Papua.

“We must support the post of governor general because the result of the Legislature Election is clearly a disadvantage for Papuans because it’s dominated by non-Papuans,” he told in Jayapura on Thursday (8/5). He added the fact showed that the population of Papuans is smaller than the migrants. “Furthermore, many national political parties have provided the opportunity to all citizens becoming the representatives of the people and turned Papuans into marginalized people. It should be a policy within the political parties to support the people of Papua by providing quota of 70 percent for Papuans,” he said.

He further said based on the DAP’s consolidation meeting in Biak in last April, the council concluded that the number Papuan legislators at both regency and provincial levels will be smaller. “Imagine the Merauke Regency had only 10 percent of indigenous Papuans of the total number of the local legislators, though the Election Commission has not yet announced the final result. But based on the number of the population of Papuans, the chance to be a legislator should be dominated by the majority,” he said.

He further said if this issue was not be solved, it would give a negative impact and harm the Papuans as few Papuans representing the interest of the Indigenous People in the Papua Parliament.


He said the importance of the Governor General is to control and to protect the people of Papua. “The Governor General, the Papua People Assembly and the Papua Parliament should be united and the Papua People Assembly should not be established in West Papua. Further he said the Governor General along with those people representatives should able to protect and provide the political rights to the Indigenous Papuans.

He also said the Papua People Parliament should be different with the parliament at the provincial level for both Province Papua and West Papua because it would be concluded the legislators from the local political parties instead of the national political parties. “The members of the Papua People Parliament consist of the representatives from seven customary areas in Papua Island, therefore their task is to protect and to conserve the existence of Papuans,” he said.

He concerned if without a solution and a political will, it would discourage the Papuans and made them away from the political policy that protect their interests. “I saw the implementation of the legislature election has raised some problems either at the level of sub-district, municipality or regency. And it discourage the Papuans,” he said. Meanwhile the Papua Commission Election has determined the result of the Legislator Election with many of objection, event the Election Supervisory Body is being a target of candidates’ supporters who considered being cheated.

The former lecturer of Papua State University, Weynand Watori said the similar thing. He said the result of the election has not fixed yet. Thought currently the Papua Election Commission has already in Jakarta to report the result, it doesn’t mean the Central Commission agrees with the result.

Statistical data shows that the number of population in Papua is going to increase due to the population growth because of high migration. The rate of population growth in Papua/Irian Jaya in 1971-1980 was 2.67 percent per year, while in 1980 to 1990 was 3.46 percent per year. The number is increased to 3.22% in 1990 – 2000. After the separation of Irian Jaya Province into two provinces Papua and West Papua, the population growth in Papua for 2000-2010 is 5.39 percent per year while West Papua is 3.71 percent per year. (Jubi/dominggus a mampioper/rom)

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