Papua Councilors Urge Prosecutors to Investigate Illegal logging


Jayapura, Jubi – Commission I of the Papua Legislative Council planned to submit documents on alleged illegal logging in Papua to the Papua Prosecutors’ office, saying it did not trust the police to uncover the case.

A member of Commission A of DPRP, Ruben Magay, said councillors did not believe the police, accusing the institution of supporting illegal logging.

“I believe there are police officers who play a role. So I would ask the prosecutor who handles the problem of illegal logging in Papua. The data will be given to the prosecutors in order to check all timber operation permits in Papua,” Ruben Magay said on Monday (03/03/2015).

Magay hoped Papua Forestry Agency to revoke all permits for timber management companies in Papua. He would write to the Governor of Papua, so that the permits is given to the indigenous Papuans in order to manage. Hopefully, the Papuans would prosper if the manage the timber itself.

“In the forest, the soldiers back up illegal logging practices, while police officers are on the road, and at sea is navy officers. It’s not a secret anymore. We have taken a number of pictures of timber from illegal logging, “he said.He said the people of Papua is always a victim.


Earlier, chairman of Commission II of DPRP, Deerd Tabuni requested the parties to tighten controls on illegal logging in Papua. (Arjuna Pademme/Tina)

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