Papua Councilor Suspect Intervention on Paniai Investigation


Jayapura, Jubi – The Papua Legislative Council’s Commission I member Laurenzus Kadepa said a faction is bent on  obstructing efforts to uncover the shooting incident on 8 December 2014 which killed four students at Enarotali, Paniai Regency.

He said the fire incident on One-Roof School building (YPPG Junior High School, Yamewa Vocational High School and Touyemana Pedagogue College) last Friday (20/2/2015) at 03:00 Papua was possibly part of the scenario to prevent a resolution to the case.

“I suspect there is a certain faction who want to intervene in the investigation team of the National Human Right Commission in revealing the Paniai case.  But I cannot tell it by name since there is no evidence or accurate data yet. However it could be happened,” Laurenzus Kadepa confirmed Jubi through short message on Sunday afternoon (22/2/2015).

He further said the recent fire incident has strengthened his assumption because it was occurred when the investigation team of National Human Right Commission and Witness and Victim Protection Agency (LPSK) arrived at Paniai doing the investigation.

“It was very disappointed. The school building at Paniai was burned by unknown people when the investigation team and LPSK doing their mission,” he said. Thus he further asked the police to immediately discover the fire perpetrator.


“The Police and local government as well as community and all related stakeholders must support the National Human Right Committee in investigating the shooting perpetrator who killed four people and injured dozens. It’s a severe human right violation,” he said.

Earlier, human right activist Yones Douw said the burning school building namely Yamewa Vocational School was Yulian Yeimo and Simeon Degei’s school. They are two of four students who killed in the tragedy on 8 December 2014. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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