Papua Council Calls for Dialogue with Jakarta


Jayapura, Jubi – Papua’s Parliament Legal and Human Rights Division called on the Central Government to immediately hold a peaceful dialogue between with Papua as proposed by the Papua Peace Networks (JDP) .  


Commmission I member Ruben Magau said the President Joko Widodo invoked dialogue as a solution to the Papuan issues during his visit to Papua for attending the National Christmas Event on 27 December 2014 for attending the Christmas Celebration Event.


“The Central Government has responded. Now, we must ensure when it is implemented. It must be clear. Do not let it drag,” Magay said on Tuesday (6/1).



He said a dialogue has been initiated since the era of former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. But it never got positive response from SBY’s administration.


“The concept was actually submitted to Jakarta at that time. And now the people of Papua give good response on that dialogue. Now it’s up to Jakarta in taking sight of point of view,” he said.


The Chairman of Commission A of the Papua’s Parliament, Elvis Tabuni said if the Central Government truly wants a dialogue, it must involve the third party. “The Central Government must involve other country who’s not taking side as ‘referee’. Do not only talk with particular leaders,” Tabuni said.


Earlier, the JDP Coordinator, Pastor Neles Tebay said a dialogue is part of Papuan’s culture. Every subject must be discussed at first. But the dialogue is not an objective or a solution but only a tool. “Therefore a dialogue between Jakarta and Papuans is a tool to find a solution on the problems occurred in Papua that has not yet resolved,” said Tebay recently quoted by Jubi from


He said a struggle for Jakarta – Papua Dialogue by JDP is existed because of the human belief as God’s creation. As God’s creation, the human is a social creature. It considers cannot be isolated without communication with others in its life. Therefore, a dialogue could represented the people of Papua and Jakarta as God’s creations as well as social creatures to open their mind through a dialogue for better solution.


Even he published the book ‘Angkat Pena Demi Dialog Papua (Kumpulan Artikel Opini tentang Dialog Jakarta – Papua)’ in Yogyakarta on 29 May 2012 where the Yogyakarta Governor Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X attended the book launching as key resource person, while the Papua Congress in 2000 in Sentani recommended a dialogue Jakarta and Papua. The book written by Pastor Tebay is a compilation of his writing about the dialogue published in several mass media. There are 54 articles compiled since 2000-2001. (Arjuna Pademme/Dominggus Mampioper/Rom)

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