Papua Civil Servants held the protest to support Governor’s statement - Jubi

Papua Civil Servants Have Undefined Job Descriptions

Papua Civil Servants held the protest to support Governor’s statement - Jubi

Papua Civil Servants while held the protest to support Governor’s statement on  March 2016 – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Many civil servants in Papua province have unclear tasks, so control over the employees is needed, said Papua Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Elysa Auri in Jayapura on Tuesday (21/6/2016).

Of 7000 civil servants of provincial government, only 5000 employees have clear tasks, while the rest have unclear roles.

“2000 employees are not having clear job descriptions, they just come and sit, sign their attendance and go home. So, in line of organization restructuring, we are temporarily not accepting the transfer of civil servants from regional and municipal goverments,” said Auri while leading the morning gathering at Otonom Kotaraja square.

To materialize it, said Auri, he formed a team which its task to improve the discipline among employees while doing their job at their offices.  “To each Head Office, I also expect them to direct their staffs. If the employees were absent, it is fine to question the echelon III or IV, or come to the staffs’ house to ask their problem if necessary, so it could motivate the staffs to come to the office to do their tasks,” he said.


He said Papua Province is now getting the audit report without exception from BPK-RI (Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia), while those who work hard for this award are the employees, but in reality the personnel managerial is still need to be improved.

“I also coordinated with the finance body, it is related to some employees that already passed away but their salaries are still being paid. It indicates that our system is still weak, so the correction is needed,” said Auri. He added in the future he targeted the improvement of personnel managerial would be completed in 2017. Therefore the system would be run more effective, efficient and economically to provide better government service and good development to the community. Earlier, Papua Provincial Government was talking about the handover of employees and assets from regional government that is planning to be done within next year. It is in accordance to the Law No. 24/2014 about Regional Government.

It’s written in the article 404 of Law 24/2014 that the handover of personnel, facilities and infrastructures, funding and documents as a consequence of task division between the central, provincial, municipal and regional governments that regulated in the law must no longer than two years since the legal product has been legitimated.

“Today we had a meeting with the provincial offices directed by Assistant Secretary for Government Affairs to discuss about the responsibility and handover of personnel from regency to province, province to regency or province to the central,” said the Head of Finance and Regional Asset Management of Papua Province Benyamin Arisoy. (Alexander Loen/rom)

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