Papua Carrots began to dominate local market



Jayapura, Jubi – Wortel planted by farmers from Wamena, Jayawijaya began to dominate the local market in Papua. From Youtefa’s central market, Jayapura City shows that the commodities are dominating vegetable sales.

A carrot trader in Youtefa market, Siti (34) said so far the carrots he sold came from the local type of Wamena. “These carrots are all from Wamena. It has been two months that we are selling shipment from Wamena alone,” said Siti to Jubi, Sunday (24/9/2017).

He said the interest of buyers actually rose because rumors spread of carrots from outside Papua are less vitamin. The rumors surfaced last year as he and other traders took imported carrots from distributors.

“While this year, local carrot stocks are more. Therefore, traders’ only sell local carrots,” Siti explained.


According to Siti, the high supply of carrots makes her hesitate to take the carrots from outside distributors, “vegetable vendors bring (outside carrots) to the distributor if the local carrot stock is not there,” he said.

This is also in accordance with the wishes of Jayapura municipal government who asked to prioritize the consumption of local food.

Nartini, another carrot trader, said that while local carrot prices are more expensive than imports, but interest of buyers for local carrot are high.

“Wamena carrots are a bit expensive. One kilo reach Rp. 30 thousand, that’s a fixed price,” said Natini. (*)



Editor: Zely Ariane

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