Papua Aviation Firm Opens International Network


Jakarta, Jubi – Papua’s aviation company Unitrade Persada Nusantara has opened an international business network that covers America, Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.

“Unitrade Persada Nusantara is a local company Papua for the aviation business, but its operation is supported by solid international cooperation,” said Commercial Director Unitrade, Helena Kaihatu in Jakarta this week.

The international aviation business network in cooperation with the local company was established in 2009, involving several countries that provide technical and non-technical know-how.

Currently Unitrade operates MI8 helicopters, owned by MTV Megaviation, an international flight services company headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“To bring the Russian-made aircraft in Papua, we have communicated with management of Megaviation Air Operator Certificate based in Moldova,” she added.


While the crew consists of a pilot, co-pilot, and aircraft technical derived from Ukraine.

“By working together with a number of these countries, we have established a network of international business in the field of special flights to operate a fleet of air in parts of Papua,” he said.
According to him, flying is a business that is run by the strict rules applicable both international and national, and must be supported by cutting-edge technology that makes every flight operations can be carried out safely and efficiently.

Therefore Unitrade also cooperates with the largest helicopter operator in the world, VIH Aviation Group is headquartered in Canada.

“With VIH Unitrade get a lot of useful advice and input to support flight operations in Papua. We also communicate with Heliswiss company located in Switzerland and Sky Works in New Zealand for all matters relating to the operation of a helicopter flight, “he said.

The international airline business network also involves National Aircraft Industry (IPTN) North America located in Seattle, United States to prepare some Sand Quest Kodiak fleet to operate in Papua that the amount and condition of the runway where the air is still very limited.

International cooperation network allows Unitrade can operate helicopters in Papua to support all development activities, especially in the middle of the contoured corners steep mountains, she stated. (*)

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