Papua Autonomy Fund Spent IDR.54 Trillion Since 2001-2014


Sorong, Jubi – West Papua Councilor Yonadap Trogea said since 2001 – 2014, the Central Government has disbursed 54 trillion rupiahs to both Papua and West Papua Provincial Government through the Autonomy Fund as reported by the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia to Indonesian Parliament on 8 July 2014.

However, he said, apparently it was not able to increase the welfare of Papuan people in education, health and infrastructure. “This failure was happened because the bureaucracy expenditure is higher than public expenses. As the result we have low Human Development Index in both provinces, it’s around 65%,” he said.

He further said the local governments in Papua should pay attention to the public expenses instead of bureaucracy expenditure. “If education and health are well established as well as roads and bridges, I am sure the Human Development Index in Papua would be increased,” he said.

Further, he revealed he with his colleagues from Special Autonomy Fraction and other 45 councilors currently was considering to protect the Autonomy Fund as well as to prepare special regulations related to the implementation of Special Autonomy Law. “For instance we just submitted special regulation drafts to Regional Regulatory Board (Baperda). Hopefully all 56 West Papuan councilors would support it,” he said.

He added until now they have proposed 4 drafts to Baperda including the regulations on special board on Special Autonomy; regional head election; and empowerment on Indigenous Papuan entrepreneurs. “We just pushed the four drafts. There would be another drafts to complete 24 regulations of Papua Special Autonomy Law,” Yonadap said. (Nees Makuba/Rom)


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