Ballot Box for the election (Jubi)


Ballot Box for the election (Jubi)

Ballot Box for the election (Jubi)

Jayapura, 30/6 (Jubi) –  Ballots for the July 9  presidential election arrived in Paniai last week through the services of PT Pos Indonesia and were directly delivered to the Paniai Election Commission  (KPU) office.

However, none of commissioners was there to receive the ballots so the ballots were taken to the Paniai Police and then eventually brought to the Paniai Commission office located in Madi.

The ballots were received by a KPU staffer, Thomas Yeimo.
“The officers brought  the logistics, but there was  no member of the commission. So, I decided to received  them, ” Yeimo  told by cell phone on Monday (30/6).

“The election supplies consist of ballots, forms, covers, ballot boxes, ballot box seals and locks.  All are in the commission’s storage place ,” he added.


He then described the situation of KPU “It’s almost two months, the staff have blocked the office since.  Our rights have not been paid. We are not going to work. Logistics are still in the warehouse.  Pay our  fees then  the ballots can be folded, ” he explained.

Chairman of Paniai  Election Commission  could not  be reached by phone. Reliable sources, who are not willing to be named, said the commissioners are not in the area since the establishment of  legislative seats for period 2014-2019.

Furthermore he said, two reasons why they have not been back because the commissioners are to follow the Dispute Election Results process (PHPU)  at The Constitutional Court (MK) and be continued  with the trial code of ethics of the Honor Council Election (DKPP).

The second reason, the five commissioners threatened the possibility of some parties objected to the results of the plenary. 2014 presidential election will be held within 8 days  and  there is no significant preparation.

Paniai Community Pro- Democracy  Coordinator, Piet Degei said, 2014 Legislative Election cases are unresolved yet , so we demanded  the Commission to give a definitive answer.
“We urge Legislative Election Plenary in Paniai to  recur . If not, we boycott presidential election, “he told in Jayapura on  Monday (30/6).

He asserted, “Five members of the Commission  have not returned to the area because they fear with the pressure and the demands of the candidates, political parties and the public  who feel victimized by unilateral policy in the determination of votes and legislative seats.”

He said the five commissioners will not hold 2014 presidential election .
“They must admit their  mistakes and re-do  plenary.   They can’t go anywhere because there are some people who are watching them in Jayapura, Timika, Nabire, and Paniai, “He said by citing the threat of various parties. (Jubi / Markus You/ Tina)

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