Owner of Six Firearms Still Unidentified


Jayapura, Jubi – Police are still trying to find out the owners of six home-made firearms that were seized at Sea Port Area (MPA) of Jayapura city a few days ago.

Papua police spokesman Commissioner Patrige Renwarin said police had difficulty identifiying the owners of six firearms. The port laborer who was carrying a gray suitcase also remains unidentified.
“There has been no progress and still in investigation process. The port laborer who carried the bag has not been identified. Our police member who called the owner of the bag did not memorized the face of the person. At that time, the port laborer left the bag and did not come back, ” Renwarin said on Saturday (02/21/2015).

According to him, if you see its specifications, it is not worth selling. The weapon is allegedly from Ambon riots. Probably it is not for sale but it will be used personally. If it is sold, it would be very cheap.

He said the case will be handled by Jayapura city police. Jayapura port laborers is also planned to be managed.
“Port laborers will be organized as possible. During this time they can change their uniform easily. For example,other people could wear the owners of clothes that are numbered, “he said.

On Tuesday (16/02/2015), Sea Port Police secured a suitcase allegedly belonged to a passenger of KM. Dorolonda. When opened, there were five home- made short barrel firearms, and one long barrel firearm. Police also found two rounds of SSI ammunition, and two rounded package that kind of explosive contents.


Inspector General (Pol) Tito Karnavian when served Papua police chief once said, the firearms smuggled into Papua probably derived from Tobelo, North Maluku, Papua New Guinea and from South Philippines. However, the smugglers are unrelated to international smuggling channels. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)

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