Septer Manufandu, Chairman of Stering Committee of Foker LSM Papua (Jubi)

Otsus Plus and UP4B are SBY’s Project

Septer Manufandu, Chairman of Stering Committee of Foker LSM Papua (Jubi)

Septer Manufandu, Chairman of Stering Committee of Foker LSM Papua (Jubi)

Jayapura , 30/12 ( Jubi ) – The Papua NGOs Cooperation Forum ( Foker LSM Papua) have predicted, year 2014  the way for the sustainable development in Papua will be stagnate. Septer Manufandu, Chairman of Stering Committee of Foker LSM Papua, claiming that Unit for the Acceleration of Development of Papua and West Papua ( UP4B ) is a project of the President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) .

He said 2014 will a year of both Parliament Election and Presiden Election. Any idea led as well as the new hope that is impossible to do in 2014. Especially, Autonomy Plus and dialogue that is considered could not to be implemented.

” Autonomy Plus was in the gate. This is SBY’s project since February or May before the Governor and Deputy Governor of Papua inducted. These two leaders have met SBY. When finished the meeting , Governor told to reporters SBY will conducted new regulation, Autonomy Plus. What is the plus? It is not clear and disclosed to the public, even until now. Then we translate it as a SBY’s project, beside UP4B, ” said Septer Manufandu on Monday ( 30/12 ) .

Papua, said Septer, do not need to be accelerated but the necessary is political will. Because Papua has tremendous budget and special status and a population of 1.8 million. Papua requires political will to speed up the process of development.


” The weakness at the moment is how to expand the reach of government services to the maximum in terms of health , education and social economy. Health services , everywhere is bad.” said Septer.

Septer added there should be a clear grand design in economic development . Do not just focus on the exploitation of natural resources alone .

” In Teluk Cenderawasih there is oil and gas blocks owned by Repsol. In Bomberai, there is consortium for Mina Politan, in Merauke there is MIFEE. This is part of the acceleration of the economic with an exploitation natural resources approach . Again, only pursued growth and marginalize the customary people , raises another aspect of social disaster, ” he said again .

In a forum Deputies, Septer added, UP4B stating they present to deal with the social disaster in Papua . But it is not clear what is meant by the social disaster .

” It means nothing. In terms of the government ‘s perspective, this little population can be accelerated with the infrastructure expansion. But at the same time could marginalize them . The reality we face today are expansion was not effective. There is incorrect budget used and corruption everywhere . It does not solve the problem , just move the problem from the center to the regions . Not solve the problem but to accumulate,” said Septer.

Program Manager of Foker LSM Papua , Abner Mansai said the development of community life in Papua during 2013, marked by a variety of problems , political , human rights , natural resource management , indigenous peoples , women and other issues . Almost all of these problems can not be resolved properly . These issues are also actually an accumulation of the same issue year after year which are not handled properly .

” For example , in various areas, human rights violations in Papua is still happening , Papua problem resolution through peaceful dialogue that continues to be driven by the people of Papua did not get a positive response from Jakarta , deforestation and forest conversion for large scale business interests such as oil palm and mining still rampant occurs , exploitation of natural resources ( SDA ) is still underway , both legal and illegal, ” said Abner Mansai .

In terms of the environment according to him , the local government ‘s commitment to support mitigation and adaptation to climate change could not be realised. It can be seen from the increasing of investment licenses in several areas that could potentially damage the forest , only by reason of an increase in local revenue (PAD). On the other hand , expropriation of land and resources of indigenous peoples, often happens .

” For example, the expropriation of land belonging to indigenous communities in Merauke Malind Anim for the benefit of the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate ( MIFEE ) and illegal gold mining in Degeuwo ( Paniai ),” Abner said. (Jubi/Arjuna/Victor Mambor)

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