Peoples while discuss on the issue of Mobile Brigade headquarters - Jubi

Opposition Grows to Plans to Build Mobile Brigade Base in Wamena

Peoples while discuss on the issue of Mobile Brigade headquarters - Jubi

Peoples while discuss on the issue of Mobile Brigade headquarters – Jubi

Wamena, Jubi – Opposition is growing to the government’s plan to build Mobile Brigade headquarters at Maloma, Jayawijaya Regency. But some tribal chiefs approved of the project.

Following up on their promise, the Jayawijaya Legislative Council’s Commission A sent three teams to Assolokobal, Wouma and Walesi sub-districts last week in order to hear public opinions on the project, located at the border separating these three sub-districts.

Based on the result of the discussions held at Asolokobal Sub-district between the local community and Commission A representative Esau Wetipo, most of those consulted rejected it.

“Where would our children and grand children go if we kept giving our land like this? We don’t agree,” said Assolokobal resident Rafael Asso.


A local youth leader Alius Asso also similarly said,” We speak based on our trauma towards military violence. We have our own record about Mobile Brigade’s violence. If the reason was drunken people or mugging, those social impacts happened everywhere. Their presence would not heal it. It’s the police’s task not them,” Alius Asso firmly said.

“If the government kept insist, they must explain it first. What was the main reason? Because the split of 40 sub-districts did not result the local police or military stations at each sub-district, and now why they thought to invite the Mobile Brimob here? Asso said.

However, two local representatives who attended in the discussion agreed about the plan with the reason of security. “We are tired to advise the stubborn and drunken young people. If the Mobile Brigade was here, they could eliminate the thieves and drunken people,” a tribe chief Wesakin Asso told in the local dialect.

After the hearing with local community, the Jayawijaya Legislative Council’s Commission A member Esau Wetipo concluded the Asolokobal community in general rejected the Mobile Brimob. “Most of them rejected, but as suggested by Chief Wesakin Asso, we will invite some related stakeholders or tribe chiefs who have the important role in this region,” Wetipo said.

The Wouma sub-district community similarly rejected the plan to grow the Mobile Brigade Headquarter at Wouma regiona. A Wouma representative Isaias Wuka said the residents generally rejected the plan. “People trusted me to guard this area and their message is to reject the plan of Mobile Brigade Headquarter. The government should observe the human resources and economic development as well as the community welfare before talking about this headquarter,” Wuka said. He said people reject it because the location is their only source of living. Meanwhile a Wouma resident Usman Wuka who agreed with the plan of Mobile Brigade Headquarter asked the government to clarify the area boundaries on the location to be set as headquarter.

Meanwhile, the Jayawijaya Legislative Council’s Commission A member Ronny Elopere confirmed the similar situation at Walesi Sub-district. “Most of Walesi people rejected this plan. Most of them are educated or intellectual group. But there are also those who accepted. Therefore we agreed to conduct a further meeting,” Ronny Elepore told by phone after the visit. (Ronny Hisage/rom)

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