Illustration of OPM member Lanny Jaya led by Purom Wenda - Jubi Doc

OPM and police shootout in Lanny Jaya


Illustration of OPM member Lanny Jaya led by Purom Wenda – Jubi Doc

Jayapura, Jubi – The self-proclaimed Free Papua Movement (OPM) led by Purom Okiman Wenda, based in Lanny Jaya, Papua, claimed to be the perpetrator of the shooting at Lanny Jaya Police Station in Tiom while police officers were held a morning routine brief on Wednesday (December 6).

“We did the shootings when we happened to be passing by and the Lanny Jaya Police apparatus was held a brief, then we fired in. There were two police officers were hit,” said the claiming party as Purom Okiman Wenda to Jubi on Wednesday.

According to him, that was only the spontaneous action when they have to pass near Lanny Jaya Police Station.

Lanny Jaya Police Chief, AKBP Tony Ananda Swadaya through his phone justified the action of shootings.


“(but) The situation is safe, we happened to be shot from the bottom of the river, but they have gone,” said AKBP Tony Ananda.

According to him, the armed contact occurred for approximately three hours. But he made sure there were no casualties in the incident, and now the situation is safe. Vehicles from Wamena, Jayawijaya to Lanny Jaya can pass, also from Tiom to Wamena.

“We are constantly wary of anticipating the next attack, which we are worried about, we are prepared to be assisted by the TNI, the Purom Wenda group who carried out the attack, started from December 1, they are also shooting of our patrol car,” he said.(

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