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Operation Permits for Companies in Merauke Terminated

Sugar cane farm -

Sugar cane farm –

Merauke, Jubi – Operation permits for ten sugar-cane companies in Merauke have been terminated, the head of Merauke Investment and Integrated Permit Service Agency, Sri Pramudyo Purnomo said.

After obtaining permits for investment, the companies failed to conduct any activities until their operation permits expired.

“I sent a letter to Merauke Regent Frederikus Gebze revealing the operation permit of ten companies has been terminated, even they didn’t do any operations. Therefore I suggest their operation permit to be frozen and gave to other investors,” said Purnomo to reporter on Monday (6/6/2016).

However, he added, the final decision is on the hand of the regent. “It is our proposal to stop the operation of those companies, because after they asked for permit, they didn’t do any activities on the ground,” he asserted.


The ten companies are PT Swarna Hijau Indah (Mayora Group), PT Dharma Agro Lestari (Astra Group), PT Karisma Agri Pratama, PT Agri Surya Agung (Modern Land group), PT Nusantara Agri Resources (Modern Land group), PT Anugrah Rejeki Nusantara (Wilmar Group), PT Lestari Subur Indonesia (Wilmar group), PT Kurnia Alam Nusantara (Mayora Group), PT Randu Kuning Utama (Mayora Group) and PT Bhakti Agro Lestari (Astra Group).

When asked for his opinion, Merauke councilor Hengky Ndiken said he agreed with the proposal to terminate the operation permit for those companies. “If they resume their activities, it should be reconsidered to give them a permit. But it is clearly they didn’t do any activities. I think what was said by the Head Merauke Investment Agency is right; those companies need not to be operated,” he said. (Ans K/rom)

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