Only 20 Percent of Papuans Own e-ID card



Jayapura, Jubi – Only 20 per cent of Papuans own the Electronic Identity Card (e-ID), an official said.

The head of department of Labor and Population (Disnakerduk) Papua Province Yan Piet Rawar in Jayapura, Tuesday (2/2/2016), said he had instructed the relevant agencies to collect data to all native and non-Papuans in the province.

“In accordance with the system of administration in Indonesia where the existence of E-ID become essential for every citizen, everybody should immediately have it,” he said.

He hopes regulation on Population Control can be implemented in each regency / city,. In the article mentioned every incoming and outgoing residents should be recorded effectively,” he said.


He admits nor the regulation implementing regulations have not done well, so in the near future it needs to provide direction to the apparatus.

“The granting of this directive is expected to create a perception in the framework of the implementation of the regulation,” he said again.

He added that wider dissemination to the public required to actively participate in the recording of e-ID card. (*/Tina)

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