A body of Yulianus Pigai laid down by his family in Tigi Police station as an act of protest (August 2) – Jubi/Abeth You

Oneibo’s victims shot by live ammunition


A body of Yulianus Pigai laid down by his family in Tigi Police station as an act of protest (August 2) – Jubi/Abeth You

Deiyai, Jubi – As police quoted by various mass media saying the bullets that hit some victims in Oneibo village, Tigi district, Deiyai Regency, Papua were rubber bullets, the witnesses and doctors in Deiyai Hospital argued differently, since the reality proves otherwise.

“This is a 5.56 PIN caliber bullet, not a rubber bullet, dont slip the tongue, it’s live ammunition, this is the proof,” Elias Pakage, one of the victims’ families showed the bullets to Jubi reporter in Deiyai ​​Hospital emergency room, Wednesday (August 2).

He said, he has the evidence and will keep them properly for law enforcement purposes. “This is 5.56 PIN calibers. Who is this belongs to? ZThe police or mobile brigade police?” he asked.

Elias claimed to know about bullets because he was a former soldier. He asked the Police leadership not to make things up by issuing unfounded statements.


He mentioned the name of Regional Papua Police’s speaker which he thought was deceived by his own men.

“Head of Public Relations of Papua Police, should see himself first before he talked to the mass media, I think he was cheated by his men in the field,” he said.

Doctor Selvius Ukago, head of the Deiyai ​​hospital admitted that he had seen evidence brought by the community when the victims were delivered.

Name’s list of Oneibo’s victims shoot with live amunition – IST

“The bullet in my victim’s body has not been seen because we could not conduct operation, but I see the bullet proof brought by the public that is a 5.56 PIN caliber,” he said.

Previously, Head of Public Relations of Papua Police, Pol Kombes Ahmad Kamal said that only rubber bullets (rekoset) were used by police and Brimob in Deiyai shooting ​​ and the warning shot into the air was ignored by the masses. Kabid Humas also said no casualties were killed. But in fact, a victim died only 10 minutes after being brought to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the body of Yulianus Pigai, the victim killed by shootings, was placed in the core of Tigi Police Station in Wednesday (2/8/2017) morning by the family. The action was a symbol of protest against the sooting by the police and brimob.

The victim’s family, Elias Pakage, said the body might not be buried if there was no serious response from the police and Brimob, and PT. Dewa Putera Paniai, the company who invited the apparatus to disperse the citizens.

“We will leave the body of Yulianus here alone, he will not be buried, let them (the police) ’eat the corps’, they (the police) killed because they want to eat him,” shouted Elias Pakage in front of Mapolsek Tigi, on Wednesday (2/8/2017).

Regional aassistant of Deiyai government, Simon Mote said, in order to solve the problem he has invited the families of victims and officials to find a solution for the corpse to be buried.

Family of Yulianus Pigai who took his body to Tigi Police station to protest the shootings – Jubi/Abeth You

“We mediate with the families of the victims first. It is not good to let the corpse decompose in front of the the station, we will talk about it,” said Simon Mote.

“We public  all to stay calm and find a solution whether to bury him at home or public graveyards, where it is important to save the soul and body of this deceased, let him rest in peace,” he said.

Deiyai’s chief tribe, Frans Mote, said the protest want to tell public and demand the police to have an understanding that man is a creation of God, who cannot be killed carelessly.

“We are both human, created by God, why there is a shooting to kill the victim again. That is why the people put the body in front of the polcie station. Weshould immediately find a solution. The obvious thing is the police and Brimob officers under the leadership of Tigi police chief, should be responsible,” he said.

Until the news is written, reportedly the body of Yulianus Pigai is finally buried by the family in his home village, on Thursday (August 3). (*)

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