Victim Delianus Pekei (30) when entered into the plane to fly to Nabire on Wednesday (August 2) - Jubi/Abeth You

Oneibo’s shooting victims sent to Nabire Hospital


Victim Delianus Pekei (30) when entered into the plane to fly to Nabire on Wednesday (August 2) – Jubi/Abeth You

Deiyai, Jubi – Four people who were critically injured by hot bullets shots by police and mobile brigade were referred to Nabire District Hospital.

Doctor Selvius Ukago, head of emergency RSUD Deiyai said the four were referred to Nabire Hospital because Deiyai ​​Hospital just recently built and lacked of tools and doctors who could handled.

“The number of patients who come here are eight people. One person named Yulianus Pigai has died after arriving at the hospital at about 10 minutes. Three others are more critical, so we refer to RSUD Nabire. Delianus Pekei (30), Yohanes Pekei (35) and Junior Pakage (27) and Melianus Dogopia (30) who were rushed to Paniai Hospital were also referred,  Selvius Ukago told Jubi at Deiyai ​​Hospital on Wednesday (August 2).

While others, he said, only subject to bullet’s fragments so-called minor injuries, then it performs medicine treatment to them.  “Then we have sent them home,” he said.


He continued, they are all referred to Nabire for being subject to serious (heavy) wounding. Delianus Pekei was hit on the left cheek, upper left arm and back, there were about five cuts on his body. John Pekei was hit on his left knee from the inside out and some spots in the legs and waist. Junior Pakage was hit by a bullet in the left leg from outside into inside.

“There should be operation, certainly flakes will be removed,” he explained.

During treatment after the shooting, he can only conducted infuses, cleanses the wound and stops the bleeding.  “We have to conduct operation in a big hospital, here is a new hospital so we lack tools and power,” he said.

The victim was taken to Nabire using a chartered plane funded by the local government of Deiyai. Regional Secretary of Deiyai Regency, Marten Ukago who is in RSUD Deiyai ​​said, he chartered plane to transport the four victims to be treated in Nabire.

“Today we focus on the four critical victims who are still alive to be brought to Nabire. And the plane is already taken care (charter by the government),” he explained. (*)

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