The Office Head of Ombudsman Papua Representative Iwanggin S. Olif - Jubi

Ombudsman: Victims’ Family Are Complaining on Interview by Many Parties

The Office Head of Ombudsman Papua Representative Iwanggin S. Olif - Jubi

The Office Head of Ombudsman Papua Representative Iwanggin S. Olif – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia Papua Representative conduct an inspection to Dok II Jayapura Public Hospital related to lack of services on six Tolikara’s shooting victims on 17 July 2015.

The inspection was aimed to clarify to hospital authority about their service, and the inspection hold on 24 July was aimed to meet with the Director of Dok II Hospital Jerry Msen related to seven referral patients from Tolikara as stated in Ombudsman’s press release received by Jubi on Tuesday (28/7/2015).

“The victims are seven people who referred to the hospital but one died because of bleeding and didn’t get the first aid from referral hospital,” said Ombudsman in the release.

Further, the six victims have received the proper treatment according to medical treatment procedure at Emergency Room by three doctors who cleansed up their wounds before surgery. According to Ombudsman the six victims has got a surgery on 22 and 23 July 2015. Both Director and Deputy Director of Dok II Hospital confirmed to put the victims of Tolikara incident as priority, while they needed further treatment by specialist through specific equipment to detect the bullet fragments in their body.


About the hospital’s negligence over the victims, Director Jerry Msen accompanied with the Head of Medical Service said it’s not true because once they had referral patients, three doctors were already prepared to take care of them at Emergency Room. Dr. Anton Mote who also managed the referral process and brought the patients to Dok II Hospital said similar statement.

Ombudsman conveyed to the Director of Dok II Hospital and his staffs that it’s important to provide a good service and fulfill the patient’s right for a service. Furthermore, Ombudsman visited the six victims and ensure their condition is getting better and ready to return to Tolikara.

Meanwhile, according to Ombudsman, both victims and their family are still complaining about many parties who still want to meet the victims for interview. It made them feel uncomforted and they need more comforted care. Ombudsman also advised the victims’ family to submit their complaint directly to the Director of Dok II Hospital or to Ombudsman Papua Representative.

The Office Head of Ombudsman Papua Representative Iwanggin S. Olif said the victims have the right to obtain the compliance of service and to be free of other intervention in order to support and accelerate the recovery process.

Additionally, Iwanggin said Ombudsman expects this clarification could become information to all beneficiaries if they found the similar situation. According to Iwanggin, all parties should be coordinated to fulfill the service to the public in general, and particularly related to Tolikara’s victims. He said it needs clear confirmation to avoid becoming another issue. (Dominggus Mampioper/rom)

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