Map of Asmat (IST)


Map of Asmat (IST)

Map of Asmat (IST)

Jayapura, 2/13 ( Jubi ) – Asmat which is known for its unique culture, has oil and gas reserves.

Head of Geological Agency, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources R Suhyar, said there are reserves of oil and gas in the block Asmat, southern region of Merauke, Papua .

Furthermore, as quoted from , information collected by the team is a combination of field surveys that have been done before. This study is part of the exploration, but only in the surface level. The other important task is  to attract business entity to explore the potential of oil and gas in Papua .

Suhyar mentioned oil and gas reserves in the block of Merauke was previously not detected due to geological modeling in the Papua region is not well developed. As known that Papua has still little data of geology and geophysics .
” In the same geological conditions, Papua New Guinea has discovered reserves of mineral, oil and gas on a large enough scale,” Said Suhyar, comparing the development of geological modeling in Papua New Guinea and Papua, in Jakarta ( 2/13).


Even though, it has not been known yet how much potential content that can be exploited. He believed that there is more gas than oil.
” We will soon conduct an investigation to have more data in order to ease exploration process and reduce the risk of investment,” added Suhyar.

The ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has allocated Rp 80 billion from the state budget funds for some activities such a seismic survey.The amount will likely increase up to Rp 130 billion in 2014 to support the exploration of natural resources nationwide.

Papua Land has very large potential oil reserves, even up to 45 billion barrels of oil and needs to be maximally explored into the deep sea (offshore).

Secretary of the Geological agency of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (KESDM), Yun Yunus Kusumabrata said , although the potential is quite large, but the exploration process is still lacking. ( Jubi / Victor Mambor/ Tina )

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