Jayapura, 13/4 (Jubi) – A local official convicted of corruption in 2011 remains free even after the Supreme Court increased his sentence to eights years from six years.

A court in 2011 found Buce Bakorumbawa,  now the head of Planning and Regional Development of Mappi, found of embezzling Rp 11.9 billion in the Jayapura legislative council’s secretariat budget for 2006 and sentenced him to six years in prison.

The Supreme Court (MA) rejected his appeal and sentenced him to eight years in prison in 2012. Executive director of the Institute for Research, Study and Development of Legal Aid (LP3BH) in Manokwari, Yan Christian Warinussy said that failure to carry out the sentence was proof that law enforcement was weak.
“The defendant roams freely,” Warinussy stated (12/4).

There should not be bargaining in law enforcement in Papua, he said.
“The act of omission is deliberately done by officers. Papua persecutors’ office and the Papua state court have to investigate the motives behind the act of omission,” he said.


Bakorumbawa served as Secretary to the Jayapura council when he and Arifin Pasolo as a treasurer and Ichsan Ansari Ibrahim as chief financial officer released a budget of Rp17 billion for 2006.
“In 2011, the case began to be revealed by the Jayapura prosecutor’s office. The Investigators found an indications of abuse amounting to Rp11 billion that could not be accounted for,” Warinussy said.

Separately, Piet Nahamury, Special Crimes Section Chief at the Prosectur’s office in Jayapura admitted that he has not received the copy of the verdict from the Jayapura state court.
“I’ve filed a request to the Jayapura court twice. However, they have not issued the verdict letter,” said Nahamury said.

He said his office was coordinating with the Police to arrest the convict in Mappi. “The convict will be brought to Merauke. Then, he will be picked up and taken to Jayapura,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Junior Registrar of the Criminal Court, Pieter Usmany when interviewed confirmed that the decision letter has just sent to the Supreme a few days ago.
“We will immediately send you this letter so that the execution can be conducted,” Usmany said.

The Papua chief persecutor also ordered Merauke persecutors’ office (Kejari) to  arrest Bakorumbawa. (Jubi / Indrayadi TH/ Tina)

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