Officers Rally Against Sorong Selatan Police Chief


Teminabuan, Jubi – Hundreds of Sorong Selatan Police officers held a rally demanding clarification from Sorong Selatan Police Chief Alexander Louw about the cut in the security budget for local police stations in Sorong Selatan and Maybrat regions ahead to Regional Head Elections this year.
About 270 police consisting of junior and senior officers from 10 local police stations held demonstration at Sorong Selatan Police Headquarters on Tuesday (18/8/2015) demanding their right, namely security allowance entitlement in the Legislature Election and Presidential Election in last year. They should be received Rp 750,000 per day but deducted until Rp 250,000.

Despite the security allowance, hundreds of police officers also admitted they never provided with meal allowance of Rp 1,000,000 per month during the leadership of Sorong Selatan Police Chief Alexander Louw, SH.
The Protest Coordinator John Faud Irja revealed the protest is aimed to ask clarification of budget transparency from Sorong Selatan Police Chief. “We ask about the allowance that should be accepted by officers,” he said.
The rally has forced the Papua Barat Police Chief Brigadier General Royke Lumoa and Director of Profesi and Pengamanan Division of Papua Barat Police and Sorong Mobile Brigade Detachment C Commissionaire Police Madun Narwawan directly departing from Manokwari to Teminabuan, the capital of Sorong Selatan Regency to listen the voice of police officers as well as to conduct a meeting with police officers at Aula Sembra of Sorong Selatan Police Headquarters.
After the meeting, Papua Barat Police Chief promised to do thorough investigation over this case.  “I promised to answer their aspirations,” Lumoa said. The chief will further order his staffs to collect any relevant data to answer the demand of hundreds of officers. “Once the evidences are collected we will do the follow up action,” he said. (Niko MB/rom)

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