Police, Torture

Officers Manhandle Civilian at Sugapa, Intan Jaya Regency

Police, Torture

Police tortured students at Wamena on 2013 – Jubi

Yogya, Jubi –A journalist has accused Mobile Brigade police officers of beating him up in front of a guest house at Sugapa, Intan Jaya Regency.

“Yesterday I was beaten up by Mobile Brigade officers that caused injury and bleeding on my lips,” the victim Missael Maisini told Jubi last week from Sugapa, Intan Jaya.

He claimed he is Chief Editor of Tabloid Intan Jaya, which is jointly managed by the Public Relation of Intan Jaya Regional Government.

At that time, he came to the Regent Guest House to collect the outstanding payment amounted 62 million rupiah to Intan Jaya Regional Regency. Because his demand didn’t get any attention, he wanted to seal the Guest House, and at that time the officers beat him.


“They (officers) were not only beat me, but they also pointed their guns and wanted to shoot me but they didn’t do it because a lot of people were around the Guest House,” he explained.

Related to this incident, the Public Relation Section Head of Intan Jaya Regency, Andreas Sudarwanto couldn’t be confirmed after being called for several times by Jubi.

Meanwhile, the Chief Editor of Harian Papua Pos Nabire, Suroso confirmed his media company assisted the editing and printing of Tabloid Intan Jaya. Papua Pos Nabire printing company usually prints the tabloid in Nabire. Suroso thought what was happening between the officers and Misael is only their internal problem and it happened because of misunderstanding.
“Because the Public Relation Section Head would come to Nabire soon and will sit together with him for a solution. The incident was happening because of misunderstanding,” he said. (Arnold Belau/rom)


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