Angry residents set fire to the Sugaba Police Station - Jubi

Officer Shoots Dead Boy in Sugapa, Residents Torch Police Station

Angry residents set fire to the Sugaba Police Station - Jubi

Angry residents set fire to the Sugaba Police Station – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – A teenager died after being shot allegedly by a Mobile Brigade officer in Sugapa. Angry residents set fire to the Sugaba Police Station in response to the news.

A local resident contacted by Jubi said the shooting occurred on Saturday (27/8/2016) at around 10:25 Papua time and followed a previous shooting on Thursday (25/8/2016).
“On Thursday, Nope Sani and Nole Sondegau offered the firewood but rejected by the Company Tigi Jaya that paved the Papua Trans road. Don’t know why the company then called the Mobile Brigade whose officer came and shot the two boys three times but missed,” said Sugapa resident on Saturday evening.
Then on Saturday, he futher said, Noperianus Belau, Luter Iapugau, Hans Belau and Otinus Sondegau who were drunk blocked a taxibike driver on the street. He couldn’t accept this and called the Mobile Brigade.
“The officers came right away and pursued these boys who are junior high schools students. Because they run away, the officers run to catch them. They shot Otinus in front of his house; one shot hit his hand and another hit his chess. He died instantly,” he said.
Not accepting this action, his parent burnt Sugapa Police Station.
‘They also took their son’s body that were settled in the Regent’s house to their home,” said Jubi’s informant.
Papua Police Spokesperson Senior Police Commissionaire Patridge Renwarin confirmed about the incident. According to him the incident was occurred at around 11:15 Papua time after the blockage at three-way junction near Sugapa Market by three drunken boys. They head off those who crossed the street.
“A Mobile Brigade officer came and hit one of them, while two run away and chased by two officers,” Renwarin told report on Saturday evening through the short message.
Besides chasing the boys, the officers opened fire and warned by Sugapa police officers. Shortly after, a boy came to Sugapa Police Station reporting his friend was shot dead and Sugapa’s women took his body to the police station.
According to Renwarin, currently the Police coordinated with the Intan Jaya Regent who’s currently outside of Papua. The Police also coordinated with the Chairman of Intan Jaya Legislative Council.
“We also coordinate with the priest to calm down the people and entrust the handling of this case to the Indonesian Police,” said Renwarin.  (*/rom)

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