Illustration of the Office of Public Works and Spatial Planning of Papua Province - IST

The office of public works is required to be transparent


Illustration of the Office of Public Works and Spatial Planning of Papua Province – IST

Jayapura, Jubi – All programs undertaken by Public Works (PU) and Spatial Planning should be done transparently, including the Weak Economic Group (GEL) work pack that had previously been protested.

“So that transparency can be distributed to all entrepreneurs of Papua,” said Secretary of Papua, Hery Dosinaen, in Jayapura recently.

Hery said Papua Province Provincial Government asked the leaders and ranks of Public Works and Spatial Planning in the region to synergize in carrying out the task of serving society.

“Head of Public Works and the head of the field must transparently see the accumulation allocated for GEL, so that it can be distributed to all entrepreneurs,” Hery explained.


Regarding the problem between GEL entrepreneurs and the Public Works Office which happened some time ago, Hery admitted that he has been completed data collection about 338 GEL entrepreneurs. It proves concrete steps have been taken.

Head of Public Works and Spatial Department of Papua Province, Djuli Mambaya said that currently there are still some work contracts that are still running, the agency is still trying to get GEL entrepreneurs to be involved in the work.

“But if it’s not, I ask entrepreneurs to be patient until next year,” said Djuli Mambawa.

Recorded this year the GEL allocation is only Rp 21 billion, the value is recognized too little so that the chairman of the House of Papua has conveyed that in the future the funds will be increased.

Head of Cipta Karya, Risliana Panggoa tried to inventory the first job that can be in sub contractor. She explained that all packages cannot be changed because the condition of work that has been running up to 80 percent.

“So later on there might be road and factory construction, we see if there are any minor jobs that do not use tools,” he said.

He is ready to help to accommodate the work of the Weak Economic Group (GEL), if it can be subcontracted.(

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