Nutritious Meals Program for Pregnant Women in Tolikara


Jayapura, Jubi – Tolikara government is providing nutritious meals for pregnant women as part of a safe pregnancy program, Tolikara regent Usman Wanimbo said.

Under the program about 300 expectant mothers are given nutritious food intake once daily.
“We have a public kitchen and it has been running for a year. In the future, if there is a budget, pregnant women will be given nutritious food twice a day, “the regent told reporters in Jayapura on Wednesday (15/10). So far, as many as 33 babies have been born healthy, he said.

The budget allocated  for 1,000 days supply of nutritious food  is at Rp 4 billion. The government said it did not want to give the funds directly to pregnant women due to fear that would be used for other things.

“We also always provide counseling to pregnant women,” Usman added..

Under the plan, when a child is two years old, he/ she will be moved to a boarding school in District Bokindini, Karubaga and Kanggime districts.


“In the future the boarding schools will be privately managed. Therefore, we can identify children’s ability from an early age. Four languages​​, including English, Indonesian, and Mandarin will be taught to the kids. We hope that it will improve Tolikara human resources for a better future,” he said.

Earlier, the chief of Tolikara medical officer, Yusak Toto,  said the nutrition program is aimed at fulfilling the Tolikara regent’s vision for the regency. (Arjuna Pademme/Tina)

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