Job seekers in West Papua - Jubi

Number of Job Seekers in Mimika Sharply Increases

Job seekers in West Papua - Jubi

Job seekers in West Papua – Jubi

Timika, Jubi – The number of job seekers dominated by high school graduates in Mimika has sharply increased in the past year.

The head of Job Placement and Training of Mimika Labor, Transmigration and Housing Office, Jehuda BB Akobiarek, said on Monday (15/2/2016) that the increase was due to the higher number of high school and university graduates in the area.

The presence of private companies of Freeport’s subcontractors triggered the flow of job seekers from many regions coming to Mimika. “If compared with 2014, the number of job seekers in Mimika is significantly raised in 2015. We are monitoring the number of job seekers through registration of yellow card files that is part of through the yellow card files which is one of prerequisites to apply for a job,” he said.

Mimika Labor, Transmigration and Housing Office’s data reported the number of job seekers in 2014 has reached 9,369 and increase to 10,443 in 2015. Mimika Regional Government quite concerned on the increasing number of job seekers without job replenishment by private companies and government institutions.


One of private companies accepted most job applications recently is PT Petrosea. Within only two weeks, the contractor company which entrusted to tackle the Freeport’s infrastructure has accepted more than 4,000 job applicants.

Akobiarek futher said his office would continuously to make coordination with the private company in this region for providing the information about the labor market for the job seekers.

“Most companies have announced job vacancies with required qualifications through the Labor Office. The provision is required, but in practice there are companies to not being open concerning to job recruitment,” he said.

Earlier, the Head of Mimika Labor, Transmigration and Housing, Dionisius Mameyau, has reminded several private companies affiliated to Freeport to terminate their policy in recruiting workers from outside of Timika and to prioritize the local job seekers.

Mamayau warned to give punishment to the companies secretly bringing workers from other regions without local government’s acknowledgement. (*/rom)

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