Number of Drug Addicts in Papua Put at Nearly 17,000


Abepura, Jubi – A survey conducted in 2011 showed that  16,750 residents of Papua used various kinds of illegal drugs and most of them were aged between 15 and 59 years, the head of the Narcotics Board of Papua Province (BNN Papua),  Antonius Kadarmanta, said .

Kadarmanta said  5,000 users were in the trial stage, 7,500 used drugs regularly, 250 injecting drug dependent and 4,000 non-injecting drug addicts.

Most users lived in the city and regency of Jayapura. Based on survey data in 2012 using sampling method reported that there were 17 users out of a hundred senior high school or vocational schools students used marijuana, 3 users out of five hundred college students while in narcotics prison there were 47 people with the details of 46 users of cannabis, and one user of opium out of 147 samples.

Meanwhile according to the survey in 2013, 14 students out of 1,050 students in Mimika were found used opium, methamphetamine , ecstasy and 10 out of 1,050 students in Keerom regency consumed cannabis.

“Younger smokers are very vulnerable,” he revealed to the Journalists at BNN Papua office in Abepura on Monday (9/1).


Last urine test results in 2014, which involved 19 educational institutions, comprising 15 high schools and four colleges in the city of Jayapura, Biak Numfor and Merauke through education environment clean drug program found that there were 29 positive drug users, 27 positive marijuana users, one person consumed shabu – shabu and one person consumed Benzodiazepine.

And the number of users are rehabilitated very small . In 2012, the number of users who rehabilitated was 10 people. In 2013, 23 people rehabilitated and in 2014, a total of 9 people were rehabilitated. The total number of rehabilitated is 80 out of 16 thousand drug users in Papua,” he added. (Mawel Benny/ TN)

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