Bryan pointed out his wound on his head -Titus Ruban/Jubi

Not wearing helmet, student was beaten by Nabire police


Bryan pointed out his wound on his head -Titus Ruban/Jubi

Nabire, Jubi – A high school student in Nabire suffered a head injury and bleeding, allegedly due to a rattan blow by one of the Nabire police’s force.

The victim, Bryan Kowi, said he was with his friend Meki Wona sitting on a motorcycle in front of the Public Works Office. Because there was a cop from the direction of Anthony Junior School, they ran to the regent’s office, using a motorcycle without wearing a safety helmet.

“There is police officer and hit my body and head with rattan without any words,” Bryan told Jubi, Tuesday (September 5).

According to him, it was his friend who was riding a motorcycle. Rattan blows initially targeted his friend, but then it hit his head.


“My head was leaking and my back was bruised and I was taken to the nearest hospital,” he said.

Bryan’s parents, Esther Mandosir, admitted to Jubi that his son did make mistakes, but police action has been excessive. As a result of the beating, Bryan suffered seven stitch of on his head.

“If our child broke the rules because he did not wear any helmet, so it should be arrested, but do not hit him!” he said.

According to Esther, the family had visited Nabire Police Station, but disappointed with the answers they obtained.

“We’ve been there (Nabire Police station) but they’re only ask apology, there’s no action from the leadership of the subordinates, while according to my pediatrician my son is seriously injured,” she said.

Until the news is written, there is no response from the police when Jubi try to confirm. (*)

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