Students at highland of West Papua - Jubi/Victor Mambor

Not Enough Teachers, Classrooms at YPK Bawei Elementary School: Principal

Students at highland of West Papua - Jubi/Victor Mambor

Students at highland of West Papua – Jubi/Victor Mambor

Biak, Jubi – SD YPK Bawei, Poiru Sub-district, Biak Numfor Regency, do not have enough teachers and classrooms, its principal Maurids Mayor said. On most days, only three teachers serve the elementary school.

In addition, he also complained about unfinished classroom that previously renovated by CV. Marsuki. “CV. Marsuki did the renovation on four classrooms. The three rooms were a hundred percent completed but a classroom was unfinished. They didn’t install the ceramic like they did for three other classrooms. They just leave it and go away,” Mayor told Jubi on last week in Biak.

Meanwhile, the Regional School Management (PSW) Chief of Christian Education Foundation (YPK), Markus Msen told Jubi he would report it to the local government for further action. “Foundation specially can not provide teachers due to financial shortage. Because hiring a teacher means the foundation also must consider about the teacher’s welfare and housing,” said Msen.

According to him, PSW could provide teachers to the YPK schools in Biak if six klasis under the PSW YPK Biak region would deposit the four percent of their budget to the foundation as decided in the GKI Synod Meeting in Papua. “It’s South Biak Klasis to regularly give four percent of their budget to finance the PSW activities,” he said.


The Chairman of Klasis GKI South Biak, the Rev. Yustinus Noriwari said donation from their congregations to PSW YPK is only small amounted compare to the needs of PSW YPK. “Of 58 congregations, some are late to give the weekly or monthly donation. Approximately Rp 5 – 6 million could be obtained by PSW YPK from the donation but the amount is not sufficient to cover the administration and human resources expenses,” he said. (Marten Boseren/rom)

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