No School For Decades at Wagammbi Village


Merauke, Jubi – For decades Wanggambi Village’s children at Tabonji Sub-district of Merauke Regency have never experienced education as they is no school there, village chief Anakletus Samkakai told Jubi on Thursday (18/6).

He said illiteracy among the village’s children are widespread.

“I have talked with an official at the Merauke Education and Learning Office asking the government to immediately build a Pre-school here. So the children once could be be taught to write and read,” he said.

He said villagers wanted their children to get education like kids in other places.

Meanwhile, Tabonji Sub-district Chief Wilhelmus Harbelubun said lack of transportation remained an obstacle to village development.
“It is difficult to reach Wanggambi Village. Therefore, the area is still underdeveloped,” he said. (Frans L Kobun)


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