No School Activities As Teachers of SD Xavier School Travel to Jakarta


Merauke, Jubi – Teachers of elementary school Xavier II Merauke are currently visiting Bunda Hati Kudus Elementary School  for what they claim to be a a comparative study.

As a result, there is no teaching – learning activities for a week. Based on Jubi’s observation on Friday (01/30/2015) at around 11:00 am, both the office and classrooms were closed.

Several other schools such as elementary schools, SD Xavier I and SD Budi Mulia, whose teachers also reportedly went for the comparative study, remained active.

The secretary of the Education Department in Merauke, Benhur Rentandatu, said there was a letter informing that the teachers of elementary school SD Xavier II was conducting a comparative study for approximately one week in Jakarta.
“I do not remember exactly which school taking part in  “comparative study”,” he said.

He said the teachers were not using government funds.
“I do not know exactly where the budget is from. Perhaps, its funds is from foundations or the school itself., “he added.


The school got permission to Jakarta because of the letter. It is expected that the comparative studies would give a positive impact for the school and students specially.

Separately principal of Xavier I Merauke, Sr. Maria Felizia said it did not take part in because of a lot of consideration as well. “We still fix various facilities at the school,” she said.

However, there are also plans to do a study visit to Jakarta, but it depends on the budgets.
“Yes, if there is no obstacle, next year we are planning to undertake a comparative study in primary school SD Bunda Hati Kudus in Jakarta,” he said. (Frans L Kobun/ Tina)

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