No Rice Rations for Civil Servants in Dekai for Nine Months


Wamena Jubi – civil servants in Yahukimo complained that they had not received rice rations for nine months.

One civil servant in Dekai, Amalek Mnsen, said the last time government employees received rice rations was in June 2014.
“Civil servants in Yahukimo have not received rations of rice since July 2014 as PD Irian Bakti Wamena has not delivered them to Dekai. We should have got our rice,” Mnsen said last week.

“We work in Dekai , Yahukimo yet we are told to take the rice in Wamena ,” Mnsen added
Usually PD Irian Bakti in Wamena after receiving from State Logistic Agency Bulog delivered and distribute to any place of duty, including for employees in Dekai as intended, but that during the time they only served in Wamena.
“So the employees had to go to Wamena. That should have been delivered to Dekai, as it is its duty. Do not take the advantage from the shipping costs,” he said.

It is very expensive to buy rice in the market. Even when the violent incident between KNPB and police a few days ago, they were overwhelmed in Dekai, because all markets and stalls closed.
Even the worst, he said the quality of rice is not suitable for consumption. (Islamic)


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