Students from Puncak regency (Jubi)


Students from Puncak regency (Jubi)

Students from Puncak regency (Jubi)

Jayapura, 30/1 (Jubi) – Students from Puncak regency felt unsatisfied and disappointed with the development process in their regency.

” The people need development but Puncak Regent always leaves the area since the inauguration. “ said Yanis Yom, a Puncak’s student to reporters in Perumnas I, Waena, Jayapura on Thursday (30/1).
According to him, the burning of Puncak Regency’s Finance Office some time ago was the accumulated frustration of the people. He also highlighted the various activities taken place out side of Ilaga by local government were very wasteful. The money should be used for development in Puncak regency.
“The results of the various seminars taken place in Jayapura city were not relevant for development in Puncak regency.” said Yanis again.
Puncak’s students also found the same things. Yapianus Numang, one student from Puncak regency explained that Puncak Regent creates a situation showing he was busy doing his duties, but the fact that he works for his interests. “Regent is not embracing each agency ( SKPD) and civil servants. The regency Secretary also should not be stingy of authority. “stated Yapinus to reporters in Perumnas I, Waena, Jayapura on Thursday (30/1).
According to him, the Regent should make a policy and programs for community benefit. He also requested all forms of programs are not undertaken in Jayapura any more, it must be done in Ilaga, the city of Puncak regency. (Jubi /Aprila/Tina)

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