Public Hospital of Merauke - Supplied

No Dengue Hemorrhagic Cases in Merauke Hospital

Public Hospital of Merauke - Supplied

Public Hospital of Merauke – Supplied

Merauke, Jubi – The head of Merauke health department, Stephen Osok said, until now, there have been no recent cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever at the Regional General Hospital and community health centers.

If there were, the report has been obtained and acted upon.

“If there are reports about patients with dengue, it is not true. Because until now, the hospital has not reported yet, “said Osok to Jubi on last week.

Merauke regency is included endemic area, so that in each year has always appeared a number of cases, including dengue fever. “Indeed, if there is dengue patients in the clinic, is certain to be referred to hospital for further treatment,” he said.


While minister of health, dr. Nila moeloek few days ago appealed to all people to keep their house clean. “I ask that no puddles around the house and should apply three M which are drain, bury and cover the used goods. So that people will be avoided from the attack of mosquitoes, “she added. (Frans L Kobun/Tina)

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