Public transportation in Jayapura city (

No Complaints on Public Transport Cost, says Municipal Transportation Office Head

Public transportation in Jayapura city (

Public transportation in Jayapura city (

Jayapura, Jubi  – The head of Jayapura Municipal Transportation Office, Elby Uniputty said his office has not yet received public complaints about public transport operators raising fares after the government announced plans to raise fuel prices.

“So far we received no complaints. But people can report to us immediately if found some drivers who have raised the tariff,” Uniputty told Jubi by phone on Monday (9/11).

He further said usually the public transport fares would be adjusted with the fuel price increase. “Before determining the new tariff, we must hold a meeting with all related stakeholders such as Organda (Land Transportation Owners Association), driver representatives and the employers. And both employers and drivers are not allowed to raise the tariff by their own”

The Organda Chairman of Jayapura City, Indiarto Tanaya similarly confirmed the association has not found any drivers abused the regulation. “No increase yet, we’re waiting for the official announcement,” he confirmed to Jubi by text.


A driver Septiyanto confirmed about it.
“How could we raise the tariff if the fuel price has not increased yet? It’s illegal. Our permit could be revoked, and we cannot work anymore,” he said. (Sindung Sukoco/rom)

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