No Casualties in Plane Accident at Wamena Airport


Jakarta, Jubi / Antara – A Deraya Air cargo flight PK-DGB skidded off the runway on Wednesday while landing at Wamena airport but there were no casualties, the Transport Ministry said.

Transportation Ministry spokesman Julius Andravida Barata said poor weather caused by rain ws to blame for the incident.

“The nose gear and left main gear ‘left were crushed and also the left wing was broken,” he said.

Earlier, Papua Police spokesman Patrige Renwarin on Wednesday confirmed that the reports received revealed that the cargo plane carrying groceries slipped while trying to land. Consequently plane with pilot and co-pilot Captain Rene Suradi broke his left wing and the left rear tire separated.

Slipping plane with flight code PK DGB series 200 suspected due to slippery airport until the aircraft skidded.”There were no casualties in the incident,” he added. (*/Tina)

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