Illustrated Anopheles Sundaicus - Jubi

Nine Die of Malaria in Yahukimo Regency

Illustrated Anopheles Sundaicus - Jubi

Illustrated Anopheles Sundaicus – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Nine Yahukimo residents have died of malaria because of poor health services, ineffectiveness of mobile clinics and the closing of the health services including hospital and community health center, said the chief of Papua Health Development Acceleration Unit (UP2KP) Yahukimo Region told reporters on last week in Jayapura.

“In Desember 2015, four died of malaria, then five died of malaria in January 2016,” he said.

He said initially it was occurred due to lacking of medical staffs in this region. “It was also an impact of the strike conducted by midwives and nurses. At that time 30 doctors who deployed the hospital were out of office,” he said.

The strike has been occurred since Tuesday (12/1/2016). No job placement for medical staffs in respective community health centers in Yahukimo, all doctors were appointed in Yahukimo General Public Hospital.


“It’s all the same with the nurses. They do not support the services in the health centers but only being centered in Yahukimo Public Hospital, while the hospital is currently dominated by temporarily employees or contract workers,” he said.

Along with these cases, UP2KP Yahukimo Region expected the hospital has the integrated health services pact with Yahukimo natives to avoid the unexpected cases leading to the death. “UP2KP is ready to push the better health services according to its task and responsibility and also to support the regent’s priority program,” he said.

The priority program of elected regent Abok Busub and Yulianus Helukka is to optimizing the medical services at regional, sub-district and rural levels in particular to provide the health facility and circulation of medicine supplies, medical staffs placement and the increment of allowance.

“In order to improve the community health services, we will provide a special flight subsidy for health. We will work with several aviation services and flight subsided members in health sector to assist patient who needs medical referral to get transportation,” he said. (Roy Ratumakin/rom)

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