Students in Papua (


Students in Papua (

Students in Papua (

Sentani, 30/6  (Jubi) – The provincial and local governments  in Papua will open recruitment for service servants, with priority being given to medical workers and teachers.

There have been calls against placing new recruits in the bureaucracy.
“Recruitment in Papua should take into account that a teacher can handle a  maximum of 35 pupils, but the fact is in Papua a teacher must take care over 50 pupils,” said Festus Simbiak, Papua’s education observer, in Sentani, Jayapura Regency on Thursday (26/6).

He further said it occurred due to several factors including retirement, death, movements, and absences.
“At the junior level, based on the number of students and field of studies, Papua is still in the ratio 167 which means all subjects in the junior and high school have not been filled, especially for science and mathematics,” he said.

“This should encourage the government to give attention to teachers recruitment,” said Simbiak who is also the Coordinator of Regional Private Colleges  Region XIV for Papua and West Papua.


He also said based on the job analysis, actually the number of civil servants is surplus. But based on the people’s demand, the government decided to open the recruitment for teachers every year.
“The process of learning and teaching is not going well, but we do not doubt the graduates of our education institutions. They actually have good academic background, but the thought about the welfare and location among them have affected this. The government should pay attention to it,” said Simbiak.

Earlier, the Head of Education Department of Jayapura Regency, Alpius Toam said there was a shortage of teachers in Jayapura Regency, especially vocational teachers. He said in general vocational schools in Jayapura Regency needs about 60 teachers. (Jubi/Albert/rom)

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