Elections in West Papua (Jubi)

Elections in West Papua (Jubi)

Jayapura, 19/5 (Jubi)-  Newly-elected members of the Papua Legislative Council (DPRP) should draft a special Regulation (Perdasus) on Local Political Parties in order to participate in the 2019 legislative elections, said an activist.

“I think we need Presidential mandate as legal bases to establish 14 seats for Papuans,” former director of Elsham Papua, Alloysius Renwarin, told in Jayapura on Monday(19/5).

He said the decision to set up 14 seats for Papua People (OAP) is very important and needs to be accelerated in order to be inducted together with members of the DPRP through the 2014 election.

Meanwhile, coordinator of Papua sago roots entrepreneurs, Leon Victor Wayoi welcomes this plan.
“Papuans have had local political parties in the nomination of members of the Nieuw Guinea Raad, so that it is appropriate to re-establish local political parties, ” he added.


He admitted that he had long been preparing for the establishment of  National Party (Parna).
“I will re-establish a local party called the National Party,” said the son of Herman Wayoi, founder of the National Party of Papua in 1960.

He then added that the Papua National Party counted Herman Wayoi as chairman, Amos Indey as second chairman, S Malibela as secretary and Frits M Kirihio.

The chairman of Papua People’s Assembly, Timotius  Murib, said that there is no need to allocate 14 seats in the DPRP, because the quota has been accommodated in one of the chapters of the Special Autonomy Law No.21/2001 on the Indigenous Working Group, Women Working and Religion.

But he added that the Papua government and the DPRP have drafted a bill on 14 seats for Papuans and have been sent to the Minister of Home Affairs.

It is proposed that all stakeholders from seven indigenous territories in Papua can be represented. For example, Mamta / Tabi, Saireri, Doberai,Bomberai, Anim Ha, La Pago and Me Pago. (Jubi / Dominggus a Mampioper/ Tina)

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