Papuan workers in Freeport - Ilustration

Needed, regulation of indigenous Papuan workers in business


Papuan workers in Freeport – Ilustration

Wamena, Jubi – Jayawijaya Regency’s government together with provincial government of Papua are formulating special regulations to provide job opportunities for indigenous Papuan (OAP) job seekers especially in Jayawijaya.

Head of Manpower, Industry and Trade Department of Jayawijaya Regency, Semuel Munua said that they are now discussing it with investors operating in Jayawijaya.

“We want to make a regulation that will be published in the regent’s decree for the utilization of local personnel, because we see that in retails andcontractors sector are rarely use indigenous Papuans labors,” Munua told reporters in Wamena, Wednesday (August 2).

For that the government facilitate a meeting with hoteliers, restaurants and kiosks, which Semuel hopes to have input on labor issues in Jayawijaya.


“We will also provide training for job seekers, so that employment providers can accommodate Papuan labor,” he said. He added that there is a need for regular training for indigenous job seekers so that they can compete with migrant job seekers.

Meanwhile, Head of Subdivision of Working Conditions of Papua Province, Melky Bosawer explained, this is in accordance with the Law no. 13/2003 on employment, and the government’s duty is to conduct technical assistance and training on management of the company or employees regarding the recruitment of manpower.

For local workers employed in each company in Papua alone, according to Melky the presentation in is unstable because every year there are changes that makes regulation of each district is also different.

“We also expect the regent’s policy so that there is a regulation in order to train indigenous Papuans,” he said.(*)

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