School Pupils in West Papua (Jubi/Albert Yomo)

Nearly 600 Elementary School Teachers Needed in Jayapura Regency

School Pupils in West Papua (Jubi/Albert Yomo)

School Pupils in West Papua (Jubi/Albert Yomo)

Sentani, Jubi / Antara – Jayapura regency needs  at least 574 teachers  for elementary schools , the head of the education department Alpius Toam said.

“Vocational school requires a lot of teachers because it has many subjects, but most noticeably lacking is at the level that must be prioritized,” he said in Sentani on Wednesday (11/02/2015).

According to him, the first step undertaken is to collect the recent number of schools and teachers.
“After the placement of K2, then we will appoint the contract teachers to meet school needs. Only we still coordinate with the local government,” he said again.

He explained the recruitment process would be more selective, with a bachelor degree a minimum requirement.
“Even though this requirement can not be met for remote areas , but still will be pursued the best for the education of children,” he said.


He added that this preparation will be discussed further, particularly in the provision of salaries. (*)

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