Elections process in highland (Jubi)


Elections process in highland (Jubi)

Elections process in highland (Jubi)

Keneyam, 1/5 (Jubi) – Nduga Regent Yairus Gwijangge expressed his appreciation and gratitude to citizens in Nduga Regency for their participation in a peaceful election on April 9.

“On behalf of the government, I would like to express my gratitude to all parties who have worked hard on the successful vote in Nduga,” said the regent on Wednesday (30/4).

He said the achievement has dispelled pessimism among some people who thought the election would not run peacefully. This succeed was also evidence that  Nduga Regency has become more safe, he said.
“Before the elections, many factions speculated that Nduga was one of conflict risk regions. But the fact is Nduga is the only regency of the Papua Highland Regions that was free of conflict during the election,” said Gwijangge.

He  said that from the beginning he was committed to working together with all stakeholders to make the election a success.
“I thank all legislative candidates who have committed themselves to making the elections a success. The legislative candidates in Nduga would be a good example to other candidates in other regions about good political education,” said the regent.


“We hope it can bring a positive impact to development in Nduga Regency. The local government is currently working hard to improve the development of Nduga Regency,” he said.

Separately, the Jayawijaya Police Chief Adolof Beay said the police thanked all parties in the four regencies of Jayawijaya, Nduga, Mamberamo Tengah and Yalimo for their success in maintaining security during the election. Beay said at the beginning paid special attention towards Nduga as it was categorized as conflict-prone area along with the Mamberamo Tengah Regency. However, so far the two regencies have been peaceful. (Jubi/Lepianus Kogoya/rom)

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